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XPS 8940, Digital Audio Out

Attempting to connect 8940 XPS to my hifi system. Can someone confirm that the black 3.5mm jack on back panel is indeed a dual 3.5mm speaker jack + 3.5mm toslink optical digital out (to connect external DAC /hifi system, etc). Current documentation on internet is very unclear. Thank you!

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See the manual here-- XPS 8940 Setup and Specifications (dell.com)



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Thank you....have seen the manual. Just trying to confirm that the middle jack (black) offers optical digital audio out. Dell does a lousy job of clarifying that in manual & elsewhere.


@Back9PHX wrote:

Just trying to confirm that the middle jack (black) offers optical digital audio out. 


It's just analog.

These 3 jacks are for a "set of 5.1 computer speakers" ... not Home Theater 5.1 audio (like Dolby-Digital or DTS). 

Coaxial Digital-Audio would look like a (larger) RCA-jack.
Optical SPDIF looks like a square-ish hole (for an optical cable).

If you need further assistance, please describe your "Hifi System" (make/model of components, age, etc) and I can try to make some suggestions.


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Optical can come in whats called mini toslink 3.5mm.

Similar to what a mac does.


Have seen some documentation on this PC that suggests that there is digital out via the middle black jack. Just trying to confirm.


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There is no DAC or toslink.  If you look at the jack there is no RED LED in the back with Toslink digital Audio.

Turtle beach audio advantage USB has this.




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Thank you...have come to that conclusion as well. Too bad digital out is not an option on this machine. So bought a creative soundblaster ae5 plus.

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