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XPS 8940, Harmon Kardon speakers, no audio

I have 2 external Harman Kardon speakers, but no audio?

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Have you tried both front and back ports

Have you tried a headphone. 

Please open task manager > start up > WaveMaxx audio should be enabled. 

If not, enable it and reboot

Now when you plug in your speakers you should be getting a popup



Found out from Dell I had set up the wrong port. I moved the wires from the old dell desktop to the new, but it appears the new one uses different ports. I thought I had used tje same ports on the new as the old.

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@JimR45 Check Control Panel / Sound and in the Sound window, click on the Playback tab and make sure your sound card is set to default. 

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You may also check whether Waves Maxx is loaded at startup (starting afterwards won't help). My front audio jack didn't work unless it was.

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