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XPS 8940, Headphones work, microphone does not

I have a Razor Kraken X headset and when i plug it in i have sound but my microphone is not working. The headset works correctly, including microphone on my work computer.


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SOLVED -- at least for me.

I received a PM from the Dell social media team with the following advice... "try installing the Waves MaxxAudio Pro Application (if not already installed), then ensure this and the RealTek audio is enabled in Task Manager > Startup tab as well as in the Windows services.  Once done, try connecting the headphones to the port and check if you get a prompt from Waves MaxxAudio Pro to select which device you've inserted. Ensure to select the appropriate option and then test to see if the microphone works."

This worked for my XPS 8940 -- much appreciated!


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Received new PC, first time plugged in earphone with mic, and chose headphone - on ear option without too much thinking. Later, when testing Zoom, system can't find any mic input device. "Mic is not plugged in".

Need to open "MaxxAudio Pro Application" software,

1. unplug the headset,

2. check ‘Show pop-up dialog when device is connected‘ box

3. Plug in headset, choose headset option for Mic.

If everything is working, you can

uncheck ‘Show pop-up dialog when device is connected‘ box.

How to Disable "Which Device Did You Plug In" Prompt | Mos Tech Tips

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Which exact model of Dell system do you have?

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Desktops do not have microphones. You have to add one.

Thank you for your response Mary and i do understand that desktops do not have microphones. As stated in the initial post, i am using a Razer Kraken headset which has a microphone attached.

Razer Kraken Headset

When it is plugged into my work laptop the microphone works fine, when it is plugged into my Dell, I can hear through the headphones but the dell does not detect a microphone.



@adanna01  Did you go to the Microphone Privacy Screen and turn the microphone on, and give apps permission to use it?



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yes I did, thank you so much for your reply. It looks like it may be a hardware issue at this point.

@adanna01 What type of 3.5 mm jack is on your Razer Kraken headset? If it is a combination audio/mic jack you may need an adapter cable that separates the audio and mic outputs because the XPS 8920 has separate inputs for the audio and mic.

So I don't have or cannot find the splitter for my Razer so i cannot test that on that device. There is a combination port on the front of the box below the SD reader which is not working for the microphone on two of my headsets. Additionally, i do have an older headset which is equipped with a splitter. From this device i can still hear sound like the other two headphones but the mic does not work. The problem I am seeing may not be so much that the microphones on the headsets are not working but instead that the Dell XPS desktop is not picking the mic up at all, as in it does not show a device at all when they are plugged in. 

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