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XPS 8940, add 2nd 3.5" HDD

My new XPS 8940 has a 256 GB SSD and a 2 TB 3.5" drive. I would like to add a 2nd 3.5" Hard Drive to the enclosure. The chassis currently has a couple of unused Hard Drive cages. One of them is 2.5" and appears to be riveted to the chassis. The other unused cage is slightly bigger and held in place with screws, but still looks to be too small to fit a 3.5" hard drive. 

Is there any way to replace one of the smaller unused hard drive cages with a 3.5" cage?


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In the XPS 8940 Factory configuration, there is a SATA data and power cable routed over to the unused 2.5" HDD cage (top rear of the chassis) but nothing is in that cage. I just rerouted those cables over to the unused 3.5" HDD cage (top front of chassis) and that is where I installed the new HDD. plugged in the cables and done.

The 10 TB WD Purple drive I added did not come with screws, so I removed a couple of screws from an old PC (I had long ago quit using) HDD mount.



Greetings, Tarak Abu


Sorry for the delayed response. I would recommend you to contact our sales experts who should be able to check for product compatibility and availability.




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@the bbdude 

Thanks for the quick reply.  So all I will have to do is get screws, that easy enough.

Another question if you don't mind.  Why did you go with the WD Purple?  I ask because I am looking at getting the WD Black instead and was wondering if there were any technical pro/cons with one over the other.  And also, other then HDD additions have you done any other modifications?  I was thinking of adding a fan on the inside behind the front of the chassis to assist in pulling air in.  BTW, I ordered my 8940 with i9 10900, I am installing 128GB of Crucial Battistix RAM, a 500GB Samsung 980 Pro SSD for the OS, and two 8 TB WD Black in RAID 1, and lastly it is coming with the new Nvidia RTX 3070.


The Western Digital Purple series HDD's are for 24/7 Surveillance, ie they can be written-to continuously and can withstand higher temperatures in a PC that is always turned on and operating.

The only other modification I made to my XPS8940 was to add an Ethernet NIC card (Rosewill RC-20001 2.5GBASE-T PCIe Network Adapter 2.5Gbps PCIe card). This allowed me to create a separate isolated LAN for my IP Surveillance cameras.


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I added a second 3.5" HDD to the top bay, belowIMG_1673.JPG the optical drive.  You will need 4x #6 (size) -32 (threads per inch) x 1/4" long screws and a SATA power cable (I tapped into the second power cable at the 2.5" bay) and a SATA data cable to connect the HDD to the open SATA port on the motherboard (near the RAM slots).  My first SATA cable (Cable Matters from Amazon) stuck out too far and I could not close the case.  Found another cable more like what dell uses, it is smaller and everything fits.  The photo shows the drive installed.  Note how the red data cable sticks out too far.



Thanks for the details.  I am still awaiting for my XPS 8940 to arrive.  Can't wait to crack it open to swap the existing HDD and add the second HDD as well as the RAM.



I just ordered a XPS 8940 with a 256GB Solid State Drive and a 2TB Hard Drive.  I plan to add a 2nd 3.5" Hard Drive after I receive it.  My question is .... is there a limit to the size of the Hard Drive I can add?  I was hoping to add a 6TB or 8TB secondary Hard Drive (for movies and pictures).



I successfully added two WD 10TB HDD in RAID1.


@the bbdude  The two 3.5" HDD cages are identical, only rotated.  I moved my HDD from one position to the other in its cage.


@Tarak Abu Adam  Just be careful with the Crucial Ballistix memory.  Dell doesn't allow XPS profiles for memory, so you will only be able to run it at its SPD profile, which is likely to be 2400 MHz, rather than the 2933 MHz of the installed  memory.

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