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XPS 8940, add 2nd 3.5" HDD

My new XPS 8940 has a 256 GB SSD and a 2 TB 3.5" drive. I would like to add a 2nd 3.5" Hard Drive to the enclosure. The chassis currently has a couple of unused Hard Drive cages. One of them is 2.5" and appears to be riveted to the chassis. The other unused cage is slightly bigger and held in place with screws, but still looks to be too small to fit a 3.5" hard drive. 

Is there any way to replace one of the smaller unused hard drive cages with a 3.5" cage?


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So just checking, you just plugged them into the available SATA and power cables already in the box, fired it up with no BIOS modifications, and MS's Disk Management module recognized them? I tried adding a 4TB WD red pro and neither the bios nor MS/DM detected it. I'm sending the drive back for a replacement, but just thought I'd ask in case there was a special nuance that bypassed me. Thanks, GB

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I added a second 3.5" HDD to the top bay, belowIMG_1673.JPG the optical drive.  You will need 4x #6 (size) -32 (threads per inch) x 1/4" long screws and a SATA power cable (I tapped into the second power cable at the 2.5" bay) and a SATA data cable to connect the HDD to the open SATA port on the motherboard (near the RAM slots).  My first SATA cable (Cable Matters from Amazon) stuck out too far and I could not close the case.  Found another cable more like what dell uses, it is smaller and everything fits.  The photo shows the drive installed.  Note how the red data cable sticks out too far.



Thanks for the details.  I am still awaiting for my XPS 8940 to arrive.  Can't wait to crack it open to swap the existing HDD and add the second HDD as well as the RAM.



I just ordered a XPS 8940 with a 256GB Solid State Drive and a 2TB Hard Drive.  I plan to add a 2nd 3.5" Hard Drive after I receive it.  My question is .... is there a limit to the size of the Hard Drive I can add?  I was hoping to add a 6TB or 8TB secondary Hard Drive (for movies and pictures).



I successfully added two WD 10TB HDD in RAID1.


Hi, the info is extemely useful.  How do you supply the power for the third hard drive from the mother board?  Or did you supply the power from outside the board?  Thanks.



If you do not sufficient open (unsed) sata power connections, you can split one with this splitter cable.




Hi, many thanks.  This is really useful information.  After talking to Dell support, I found that we can only have three HDDs and one SSD for XPS8940.


Does a XPS 8940 with i7 11700, RTX 3060Ti, 512 GB nvme, 2 Fans and a 500w PSU have enough juice for additional 2 x 3.5" hdd?



Yes, it absolutely does. If you do not have sufficient sata power connections just purchase a splitter like this one.


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