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XPS 8940, add 2nd 3.5" HDD

My new XPS 8940 has a 256 GB SSD and a 2 TB 3.5" drive. I would like to add a 2nd 3.5" Hard Drive to the enclosure. The chassis currently has a couple of unused Hard Drive cages. One of them is 2.5" and appears to be riveted to the chassis. The other unused cage is slightly bigger and held in place with screws, but still looks to be too small to fit a 3.5" hard drive. 

Is there any way to replace one of the smaller unused hard drive cages with a 3.5" cage?


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@XPSUser123ABC  You may not have too many problems, then.  The additional HDD shouldn't add too much to the overall heat burden.

The main item that would require changing if you did start to experience heat issues is the cooler on the CPU.  This thread shows what others have done and are doing.


Thanks.  You have been very helpful.  I will order my HDD soon. 


Thank you for the examples. What right angle cable did you find  ?


Thanks for your valuable information. Please tell me what kind of hard drive tray you use to mount the 3.5" HDD to the top bay under the optical drive. Any Dell part number I should know.


WD Black is 10,000 RPM and they get VERY HOT.

Western Digital blue, the warranty is 2 years.

Western Digital black the warranty is 5 years. 

Western Digital red & purple the warranty is 3 years. 




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There are two 3.5 cages.  They both work fine, I use them both.


My system does not have any SATA power cable to start with. Can you show me where your SATA power comes from? Is it from the motherboard? Please show me the connector and the cable. I need to order this cable to add my first hard drive/DVD to my XPS8940. Thanks for your information.

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A 3.5 inch drive easily fit into the slot just below my optical drive. Unfortunately, there are no power cables, and nowhere available on the motherboard to connect a power cable to. I wish my issue was as easy to solve as yours. Unfortunately, technical support has no idea what the answer is.


If you check the service manual pg 55, component #14 is the plug marked SATA PWR. You need a cable to get power 3 connectors to hard drives and 1 power connector to DVD. Dell P/N: 0N4XMK. I bought it from eBay for $4. Dell gave me a quote on the same part:ASSY,CBL,3,5HDD,PWA,G5 $5.99.

eBay has more compatible cable (for Optiplex 7040 part 07G26H - search for it).

My XPS 8940 now has 2 10TB WD red hard drives.

Good luck.


Did you have to buy any screws or was it just take out plug in and play? Was thinking about doing the same to clear the perforations on the front side for better cooling.

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