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XPS 8940, randomly freezing

XPS 8940

So here's a fun one. I too (as many on this forum have), have been having random system freezing issues with my Dell XPS 8940 with Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti video card. After a lengthy phone call with Dell support, the support engineer in their infinite wisdom has decided that the system doesn't have a hardware problem and if I'd like any further help resolving this situation, I can fork out another $100 for "software" support. System is less than 1 year old and still under warranty. I spent close to $2500 for what was supposed to be Dells "top of the line" Desktop. So, I'm left with 2 choices - either live with a problematic dell desktop or shell out another $100 for their software support and HOPE that their software support personal can help me fix this issue. Needless to say, I will be seriously considering whether or not to purchase ANYTHING else from Dell, ever.

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Having another lockup today. "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" under Power Management of Intel Management Engine Interface #1 was unchecked. Checked now. Will see how it goes.

Reliability Screenshot 2022-08-26 092921.png

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To the folk at Dell - I give up....   This PC does nothing but lock up regularly and repeatedly with the Nvidia 3060ti card installed.   I have pulled the card from the system and am now running ONLY on the BUILT IN Intel GPU engine.  Others on this forum have stated that as long as I use the integrated GPU, I will not experience the Lock up issue.   I'll have some belief this is true if the system stays up and running for more than a day.    I can't express how pleased I am to have spent the extra money for what was supposed to be a great GPU to go along with my great new PC.   A GPU which now sits in the corner of my office.  With any luck, others are correct and I will no longer experience the lock up issue.  

Dell - you have a problem with Nvidia GPUs and your 9840 systems.    

My last remaining decision point will be whether I keep the 9840 and go get an AMD GPU or get rid of the DELL entirely and go with another vendor.  Perhaps one that will actually stand behind their products. 

Good luck all!



Steve, it is quite clear they have not been able to reproduce this problem. So it does make it had to fix. However, after 8+ months of this, one would expect some words of wisdom from Dell and a progress report. What do we get, SILENCE.

I went and replaced RAM that was Single Rank as some thought that was the cause. $130 (I went from 16GB to 32GB that I was planning to do, but the 16GB Single Rank is  sitting in a drawer). I don't feel like throwing more money at this XPS.

I feel if Dell can't fix it, they should REPLACE the Nvidia card with the same capability ATI card for FREE. Especially if still under warranty.



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Irv S.


Hey Irv... 

I get intermittent is tough to fix.  I only have so much 'free' time to dedicate to this unanticipated and undesirable project...   I have also replaced the system RAM to ensure use of dual rank ram.  It was no help.   I've completely wiped and reinstalled Win11.   No help.    Hardware diagnostics provided by Dell state "All is well".    I'm not stupid enough to hand over another $100 for "software" support from Dell, so that they can tell me to reinstall windows 11 again.  Ending up right back here $100 poorer on my part.  A few folk have mentioned using the integrated GPU and that my "lock up issue" will magically resolve itself.   It'll take a few days before I believe it yet, but I'm sick of waking up to a frozen pc, and it's become a common (like every 1-2 days) problem.    I'm not a big gamer so I can probably live without a decent GPU for awhile and still be "just fine"...   I'm mostly annoyed that spent a ton of extra money for a GPU that (assuming I'm not locked up in the next 5-6 days) seems to cause my very expensive computer to lock up intermittently, without warning, and with the only recourse being  a hard power reset - Always good for software.   

I agree, Dell SHOULD offer an AMD replacement (equiv to/next model up of the Nvidia card purchased) for those of us having this issue.  However, as you've pointed out - to date - Dell remains silent on this issue.  So we'd first have to see them A) Admit they have a problem and then B) Offer to "do something" about said problem.   I'm not convinced we'll ever see A Let alone B.   As things stand, there's not much I can do with their support team short of handing over another $100.   Sad.   In a previous professional life - I used to recommend/sell them back in my days at Best Buy.   This experience has definitely had an impact on my ability to recommend or personally purchase Dell products going forward.  



Steve, when I first hit the problem in Jan. (yes, it started that long ago) I went through all the 'Support' (I use that term loosely now) 'suggestions', try re-installing Windows, installed EVERY possible Nvida/Dell driver for the card, and never cured it. Did switch to the HD750 and NEVER had a lock up. I suspect you will not either, but how long do you need to use it to be sure? A day, week, month?

If DELL does know or has a 'handle' on the problem, it sure would stop some of us wasting time trying things. Some have thrown out as the cause:

  • Single Rank RAM
  • Fast Startup
  • BIOS Turbo Boost setting
  • BIOS C-State setting
  • GPU Hardware Acceleration
  • Intel Management Engine Interface not allowed to be turned off

and probably others, none have proved to be the cure I recall?

I wish Dell would proactively contact the users with the problem, not do nothing.


I am a Dell TechExpert. I am not a Dell employee. I enjoy using my free time to help the community. If you find my posts useful, you can thank me by clicking on Kudos!


Irv S.

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My 8940 is no longer under warranty, but as I have stated here, am not experiencing any lockups.  (Mine has the Nvidia RTX 2060 Super.)   Are you saying that Dell is not willing to replace your 8940 while it's still under warranty?   (After all, a system lockup is about as serious as it gets other than refusing to boot.)  Has anyone spoken with a Dell manager regarding this?  


No, they have not fixed the problem.

They do want to capture my XPS and give me something 'similar'. Will probably be a refurbished unit I was told. Worse, I can not REMOVE anything from it. All my PERSONAL DATA has to remain as well as my licensed programs. Worse, some of those programs can not be used on 2 PC's, that is I have to delete the license from one before I can install and license the other one. I've got some data that is banking on the XPS as well.

If I could clean out the XPS and reload Windows wiping the drives clean first I would, but that is not acceptable to Dell.

Manager, don't know, but Level 3 was involved in the decision.

Annoying to say the least.


I am a Dell TechExpert. I am not a Dell employee. I enjoy using my free time to help the community. If you find my posts useful, you can thank me by clicking on Kudos!


Irv S.


Hi Ishmael,

The statement "Dell is not willing to.." is probably a little strong yet.   Apparently I only have "hardware" support for my new Dell system.   The Dell hardware diagnostic tools all state that my hardware is "FINE" - which other than when it locks itself up - it is...       I've had a support call opened with Dell on this lock up issue, however the support team has determined that the hardware is just fine.   If I want any further help, I need to have software support and if I would like that, Dell would be happy to accept another $100 for this service call.    Their $100 software support are going to have me pull out any non critical components (see if problem occurs), then have me possibly install drivers (believe me - this road has been travelled already) and see if it helps.  Then they'll have me reinstall Windows 11 clean and update drivers,etc...  (Been there, done that).   Which ultimately will bring me right back to where I am now.  A PC that regularly locks up on me.   I have neither the available time nor patience to walk through basic troubleshooting with a support rep working from a script. Steps I have already completed myself and know will result in being right back where I started, a $100 lighter in the pocket, and a lost day of my time working with 1st level support reps.   Be happy you do not have one of the affected system boards, it's not a lot of fun..  I believe a quick google search of "DELL XPS 9840 System Lockup" will show - this is not something that is "in my head" and is a problem affecting multiple Dell customers (a few of which are on this forum).  It seems to occur most often either while or shortly after watching some type of video (You Tube, NetFlix, Disney +).   At least that has been when it has occurred most often (when I've been at the keyboard) for me.   The most frequent symptom - I'll lock the screen and walk away from the keyboard in the evening, and sometime overnight the system will just freeze.  I'll come back at say 6:30AM and the screenlock will still indicate it's like 11:30PM or something like that.  No keyboard response, no mouse, no ability to do ANYTHING other than press and hold the power button till it cycles off.  Then I can reboot and it's off to the races for "awhile" again.     

On a positive note, I've now had the NVIDIA 3060ti card removed from my 9840 for 26 hours.  No issues.   For the last # of months, the lockup has been nearly an every day adventure for me so 26 hours without a lockup is nice for a change.  How pleasant to sit down at one's fancy new computer and have it NOT be locked up tighter than fort knox.  

Anyway,  I'll fully believe the NVIDIA card/XPS 8940 combo is the culprit here in the next few days.  If I get through 5 day without a lockup and system being powered up - I will feel comfortable that "I" have solved the lockup issue.   Of course the solution was to remove a VERY expensive and feature rich GPU that Dell said would work great in their system.  (I bought the system with the 3060ti GPU pre-installed).  I am here to tell you, at least for the Nvidia 3060ti - it does NOT work great with the XPS8940 from mid-late 2021, unless system lockups are something you actually like happening to you - in which case, you can't go wrong with this combo.

At this point in time, Dell has received the last dollar of mine that they are going to with regards this purchase.  My plans at this time are to continue limping this system along on the system integrated GPU for a few weeks just to be sure that removing the Nvidia card solves the problem.   Assuming that is the case, then I need to decide if I'm willing to try an AMD GPU with this system and fork over the $$$ to acquire one of those and then I'll have me some fancy GPU capabilities again, or do I sell the 9840 for whatever I can get for it and put that towards another system altogether and be done with it.

Short of sending yet more money to Dell, or Dell stepping up to the plate here - I don't see many other options open to me on this issue.    If there's anyone from Dell with any authority here, I'd love to talk with you.   I've been a long time fan of your systems.   I very much WANT to be a happy customer here.  Dells complete silence on this issue and inability to address it in any meaningful way is very much having a negative impact on my continued support for Dell products.  

As for your question about talking to a Dell Manager....   If I could find one, I'd be happy to talk with them.  I can't get a phone call past their hardware support without first forking over $100 for software support.  I'm not irate.  I'm not even that mad.   I'm a disappointed customer that is having an issue that so far is not being addressed in any meaningful way.   And "I" am not the only one.





Good luck with your testing the GPU removal.  If deemed successful, I would inform Dell and request a replacement GPU.  Regarding speaking to a manager, I had success twice in getting a manager to return my call.  Make it clear to whoever you can initially get on the phone that you want him/her to escalate this incident and have a manager return your call.  If for some reason the tech side is still resistant then call the sales side and pursue a call with management.  In all cases, document and get names. 


That would be unreasonable to me as well being required to leave your personal data and programs on the PC.  I would escalate that issue as well. 

Good luck to you both.





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Update -    pulling the Nvidia 3060ti card and system has been humming along beautifully now for well over a week....    No lockup, no issues.

Dell - you definitely have an issue with the Nvidia Video cards and at least some of your 9840 system boards.   

Steve Dian

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