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XPS 8950, 4K support requires Intel SGX enabled in BIOS

I have a Dell XPS 8950 Desktop and need to enable Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions) in the BIOS (Set to Software Controlled). Does anyone know how to do this? Is it not needed with Windows 11. I have an Intel i9-12900 CPU. I am trying to play 4K disk using a drive capable of playing 4K.

Any help is appreciated.


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@RoccoP326 I found this through a Google search. You should read this article: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000058952/software/intel-security-products....

The article says you should enable Intel SGX in the BIOS, see page 66 of the Service Manual, Then you need to download and install the Intel Software Guard Extensions App.

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@RoccoP326 wrote:

I am trying to play [Ultra HD Blu-Ray] 4K disk using a drive capable of playing 4K.


I think they changed/upgraded the copy-protection on those. So, remember your "Player App" has to support these latest optical discs. If not, you will run into HDCP errors.

It would be easier to just buy a capable stand-alone player. Connect it to your small computer monitor if you want to.

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The good news is I had a drive that will work.  I just need to figure out how to make the change to the BIOS.  I’m beginning to think that Dell did not include this in the BIOS and it will be missing until they come up with a BIOS update.




@RoccoP326 Is the setting for Intel SGX Enable on page 66 of the Service Manual missing in the BIOS?



Page 66 of the XPS 8950 talks about setting a password.  Are you talking about a different Service Manual or another page?




Intel Software Guard Extensions option is present in multiple Dell desktop models including

optiplex 3090

optiplex 3080/5080

optiplex 7070

optiplex 7060

vostro 3668

It is present in XPS8950 service manual (page 64/73 of pdf)

System setup options

Table 6. System setup options—Intel Software Guard Extensions menu
  Intel SGX Enable Enable or disable Intel Software Guard Extensions.
  Enclave Memory Size Set the Intel Software Guard Extensions Enclave Reserve Memory Size.




I found the SGX in the XPS 8950 Service Manual on page 64.  I went into the BIOS and the SGX section is not there.  Is this an over site?  It seems that the top of the line 12th Generation i9 12900 Intel CPU would have the ability to enable SGX.  Is this a BIOS over site?  It it coming in a future BIOS release?  A call to DELL Technical support said they could not help me as it was a software issue?  I kept explaining it was a BIOS issue and not application software.  At the end of the call the support person just gave up and said they would send me an email  to follow up which I never received.
Does anyone know a contact in Dell that would look into this issue and tell me if they will be enabling it in the BIOS?



Thank you for your research.




Vic thank you for looking in the service Manual but it appears that SGX is not in the BIOS delivered for the XPX 8950.



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