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XPS 8950, Advanced Air Cooling, i5-12600K, thermals and noise

I am going to buy a 8950 XPS system soon. I am looking for advice on whether or not the advanced air cooling is good enough to prevent the CPU from being thermal throttled? I don't want to bother with modding the system so I am looking for a DELL OEM solution. I will be installing a discrete GTX 3060 graphics card. I have read on other threads that the water cooling option can be quite noisy at idle which would annoy me during non-gaming typical web browsing type use. Under heavy usage like gaming I would be using headphones so the air cooling during gaming having more noise would probably be okay even though the other threads have said that the water cooling is less loud under heavy loads. Does anybody have thermal throttling information with the i5-12600K with the advanced air cooling and/or can comment on how loud the advanced air cooling is under heavy load?

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XPS 8950, i7 12700 (non-K), 32GB DDR5, Nvidia 1660ti.

I cannot comment on the Dell AIO cooler but I found the stock cooler for the i7 12700 was unable to prevent 100 degree C cpu temperature at 100% utilization. I upgraded the stock cpu cooler with the Dell premium air cooler and the cpu temperature dropped 6-8 degrees C at idle and 27-29 degrees  C at 100% utilization. My system is very quiet. The premium air cooler does seem to be effective.

Not the exact information you are looking for but I hope it helps.

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