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XPS 8950, BIOS 1.0.8, slow startup

I am seeing slow startup for machine. In looking at Task Manager>Startup, last BIOS Time is 26.5 seconds. On previous machines I was seeing times less than 5 seconds. I have the latest BIOS update installed, 1.0.8, 30 Dec. 2021

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You state as comparison, "On previous machines". Were those previous machines XPS 8950? Were they Dell?

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Two are Dell desktops another is a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

I am OK now with startup times. I did a clean install and I see that if I remove HDD and unplug DVD, I get better time. This is not a problem, since HDD is for archive. I can use it externally. I never use DVR, but there is not a way to order machine without it.

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@marsdavid  Did you check BIOS setup to make sure Windows Boot Manager is first in the boot options list?

If it isn't first, BIOS is going to look at each drive, typically starting with DVD or HDD to find one that's bootable. Since they'll both be checked ahead of your actual SSD boot drive, that could slow the boot down.

Did you try uninstalling Realtek Audio in Device Manager since a recent Realtek driver caused slow boot times on the XPS 8930. This might be a similar issue on the XPS 8950.

And, IMO, a 5 sec boot time is probably just not a reasonable expectation...


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@RoHe Windows boot manager is first. I uninstalled Realtek Audio. This did not change Boot Time. 

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Hi All,

I am also seeing longer than expected bootup times on my new 8950 (12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900K), 32 GB RAM, 2 TB M.2 SSD (Dell Supplied) and added a 10 TB SATA II and a 14 TB SATAII hard disk.

From the time the screen goes black (doing a reboot from Windows) until a spinning ring appears takes around 18 seconds.  The spinning Wheel is visible for about 6 seconds and afterwards I can log in.



I removed my SATA HDD from inside the machine and placed it in an external enclosure. This helped speed up startup as well as not putting stress on internal power and cooling. Since it is primarily used for backup and archive this works great for me. Performance is good as it is using a USB interface. I have a Sabrent enclosure. Only $25. Here is Amazon link: Amazon.com: Sabrent USB 3.0 Tool-Free Enclosure for 2.5” and 3.5” Internal SATA Hard Drives (EC-KSL3...

In your situation you would need 2 enclosures if you want both hard disk to be external.


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I have an XPS 8950. I am seeing boot times from 20 seconds to over three minutes. This is horrible. I have disabled almost all of my startup programs. I have even tried to "clean boot" by using selective startup and disabling all non-Microsoft startup services. This did not help at all.

I also reset my machine to its factory state on day 1 (but did keep my files). I am at a total loss when I see my Inspiron laptop boot up in 8 seconds. I really need some help and am pretty much at the end of my rope.



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I had an issue with slow boot after a BIOS update a while back on my 8950. I reverted back to the older BIOS and then installed the newer version again and all was well. Maybe give that a try??? I wish there wasn't so many BIOS updates.... it just seems that makes more chances for something to go catastrophically wrong. There are some other threads you might wanna check out about installing BIOS updates to minimize the risk. My start up time is 7.9 sec, still kinda slow in my opinion but not worth complaining about and maybe due to the fact that I have 3 hard drives?


I just tried this, but the virtual assistant is confusing a NO BOOT situation with a SLOW BOOT situation, so this was no help at all.

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