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XPS 8950, another cooling issue thread

NOTE: I did read a ton of other post about this issue. New XPS 8950 with 12700K processor, water cooled. CPU running 25% and temps average around 65°C. Seems high for such a low CPU usage. Hardware test pass.. The water cooled fan seems to only have two options, quiet and wide open. No fan curve. Also, running the Intel Benchmark tool, the XPS 8950 shut down due to high temperatures. The CPU cooler fan did not speed up.

Dell looked at it and agreed that I have an issue and are coming today to replace the motherboard and cooler. I don't think this is going to fix it. Seems a common issue for this system. Dell said a tech will be here today from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Stinks that they can't give me a better time frame.

Intel asked me to lower the voltage just a little and test again. I may try this after testing with new hardware today. I was told that lowering the voltage just a little can also increase performance.

Looking to move to a Corsair iCUE H60i. Emailed Corsair to ask a few questions, but after a week, no response. Probably cannot get folks to work. So I thought I would give the forum a hit.

1) I'm assuming that I do NOT need to remove the motherboard? Correct?
2) Corsair iCUE H60i fits?
3) Do I need anything else to install it?
4) Will I be able to control the fan speed?
5) Does it use the same power connectors?

Thanks for the help!



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1. No

2. It should but none of the RGB will work., I would look for the regular H60 or even a 120mm H80. 

3. You will need the LGA 1700 adapter plate. Corsair should provide it upon request.

4. Not really

5. Yes

I reused the stock fan and used a splitter to run a second Noctua 120mm using the H80, this way there are no BIOS errors. If you just use the fans that come with the H60 or H80, you will more than likely get BIOS errors.

Something seems wrong with your stock cooler or your CPU. While the H80 works better than the stock cooler, it wasn't a night and day difference. I replaced the AIO on my PC because of the idle noise level, not because I was un happy with the cooling. If your PC is still under warranty, you should inquire about it getting fixed by Dell.


Service was scheduled today. Just got a text telling me that they would not be able to come out today. No new scheduled service yet. Dell told me that if they don't come out in 5 days, they have to return the parts and reorder. Monday will be 5 days after the vendor got the parts. Probably don't have enough people. Issue was reported after only having the computer for about 2 weeks. Dell did tell me they would send me another one or service this one. May need to go that route. For me, it seems that if I cannot control the fan, using an alternate cooling system is a waste of money. I can add a second fan to the current system and control the fan speed with an external controller. 

Thanks for the help! 

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I realize that you are on a slightly different track than me with cooling an 8950, but I've found the OEM "upgraded"/"advanced" air cooler to be pretty awesome.  I don't have a K Sku proc, but even when pushed to it's limit my non-K proc barely breaks 60°C - zero throttling.  Plus, it's quiet - one of the reasons I didn't go for the water cooler at time of purchase.

I still wonder if I'd like to drop the few db's I can hear (quite low now) by exploring some other case fans, but, I just don't want to deal with BIOS errors.  So, I am currently looking into Corsair Pro fans, which reportedly are far superior and 100% compatible with Dell machines.

Good luck with your cooling endeavors!

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Definitely a problem with your system. I have the same CPU with the RTX 3080 Ti in my XPS 8950 and the stock liquid cooling system for the CPU works just fine. I ran XTU for stress testing both stock and with a small overclock and the CPU stayed well under 100°C the whole time. No thermal throttling at all. I also never had to mess with the voltage, everything ran just fine at stock settings, even with the overclock. I did add a pair of case fans to the side panel, but that was for the benefit of the GPU which does run slightly cooler now. Definitely insist that Dell replace parts or the system until the CPU runs at reasonable temps.

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May I ask which fans you used on the side vents and how you hooked 'em up?


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Ah...  I recall reading that some time ago.  Thanks!

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