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XPS 8950, another question about adding Crucial ram

I just bought a XPS 8950 that came with 8GB DDR5, 1X8GB 4400MHz. I just bought from Crucial 16GB DDR5 4800MHz 1X16 GB. Will this work and give me 24GB or ram?  Or should I ditch the  8GB ram that came with the computer and buy another 16GB of ram to get 32GB of ram?


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 @Bruce Kurtz Please share the results.  We have seen that 80G (16+64) won't work, we have seen that 48G (16+32) won't work.  We have not seen how it comes for 24G (16+8) yet. Good luck.

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It may work though 24GB is not one of the listed compatible totals on the 8950 support page. Besides with 24 GB you will only have dual channel running on 8 GB of the 16GB RAM module. The better solution would indeed be to get another 16GB module for 32GB of RAM total.

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Thanks.  I don't have the computer yet so I won't know if it works.  If it doesn't work, I'll probably get another 16 GB from Crucial.


@Bruce Kurtz If you don't need 32 GB of memory, you can run 1 x 16 GB which is an allowed configuration by removing the 1 x 8 GB and installing the 1 x 16 GB. Both 1 x 8 GB and 1 x 16 GB configurations will run in single-channel mode. 


Thanks, so you are saying that a 1X8 GB & 1X16GB will run in single mode and give me 24 GB or ram?


@Bruce Kurtz Not both 1x8 GB and 1x16 GB together but separately installed. If you were to try them together, I am not sure what slots you should put them in. My guess would be one module in DIMM1 (white securing clip, second slot from the CPU) and one module in DIMM3 (black securing clip, closest slot to the CPU).

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Based on previous posts:

No to your 1st question, Yes to your 2nd question.

But maybe you will be extremely lucky. It does not hurt to  try out anyway.


So you are referring to my orignal post:  "Will this work and give me 24 GB or ram?" Your answer: no.

"Or should I ditch the  8 GB ram that came with the computer and buy another 16 GB of ram to get 32 GB of ram?" Your answer: yes.  I'm looking at all possibilites.  1X8 GB & 2X16GB = 40 GB of ram.  Is that possible or should I just forget the 8 GB of ram. 


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It shows the validated OEM ram and validated memory configurations.

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Do you know if I can contact Dell and pay extra to increase the 8GB to 16 GB.  I would then have 2X16GB.

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