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XPS 8950, another question about adding Crucial ram

I just bought a XPS 8950 that came with 8GB DDR5, 1X8GB 4400MHz. I just bought from Crucial 16GB DDR5 4800MHz 1X16 GB. Will this work and give me 24GB or ram?  Or should I ditch the  8GB ram that came with the computer and buy another 16GB of ram to get 32GB of ram?


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Unfortunately, no. Once an order has entered the "build" stage, it cannot be changed. You would have to try to contact a Customer Care agent via a private message and cancel the order. Then start all over and order again.

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I think I'm just going to go with plan B.  Buy another 16GB of ram making it 32 GB.  And then slapped back in the 8 GB ram and see if it works. If not no big deal.


Ok, just bought another  16 GB stick from Crucial.  So I will have 2X16 GB.  I've been trying to do my homework so I down loaded the 8950 service manual.  In the manual it says:  

"NOTE: To achieve dual-channel support when installing two memory modules of the same capacity, install the memory modules in DIMM 1 and 2 or DIMM 3 and 4."

So I should stick the 2 sticks of 16 GB ram in slots 1 &2 or 3&4.  Right?



@Bruce Kurtz You should use DIMM1 and DIMM2 (slots with white securing clips) first.


Yes, I found that in the installation manual too.  They will be going in DIMM1 & Dimm2 like you said.  The extra 8GB stick I'll put into DIMM3 , to see if it works.




 @Bruce Kurtz Please share the results.  We have seen that 80G (16+64) won't work, we have seen that 48G (16+32) won't work.  We have not seen how it comes for 24G (16+8) yet. Good luck.


I’ll be your huckleberry.  My procedures will be:

  • Remove the 8 GB ram
  • Install the 2X16 GB ram in DIMM1 & DIMM2
  • Verify it works
  • Install the 8 GB ram in DIMM3
  • Verify it works

Ok, what happens if it doesn’t work?  Does the system crash?  Will it do anything to the computer, like screw up files etc.?

  • If it doesn’t work, remove  8 GB ram in DIMM3and put it into DIMM4.
  • Verify it works
  • If it doesn’t work, remove and put into circular file

If not, it will not pass POST test. So either you see black screen or hear a few beeps, then reboot itself. System won't be able to crash cuz it never gets into a stable state to crash yet.


Thanks, then it is really worth the try then.  My estimated arrival date is 6 July.


Lancelee, it works!  2X16GB in Dimm 1 &2 and 1x8GB in Dimm3 = 40 GB ram

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