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XPS 8950, i7 liquid cooled, constant loud humming noise from pump

Incredible, I took the time to ask Dell before buying if the liquid cooling will be quieter than the air cooled and IT IS NOT. I can hear it across the room on idle just word processor. A constant engine type pf noise (not fan). Liquid cooling from Dell is not the solution for quiet operation. Does somebody know if I can order a quiet fan and replace the liquid cooling system in the tower? Is it possible to take out the cooling system that came with the XPS 8950 and replace it with a quiet fan and if so which one?

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There are at least dozen threads on this topic. Either search or scroll half page down.


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There are at least dozen threads on this topic. Either search or scroll half page down.


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Welcome to the world of an expensive and loud PC. I am in the same situation. Mr_drey has replaced his cooler with a Corsair H80 and has confirmed that it is quieter than the stock AIO and it cools better too. I will be following his lead and replace mine with an H80 in the near future.

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I've gone through 3 Dell replacement AIOs and now just bought a Corsair H60 which is only slightly less loud.  45 decibels at idle.  I'm going to explore quiet traditional fan coolers as an alternative.  This is nuts!

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Update - the Corsair ended up throwing an error message on boot so it wasn't a viable option.  I ultimately shipped the computer back to Dell for repairs and when it was returned with yet another liquid cooler, the unacceptably loud noise continued.  I ended up getting rid of the computer and bought a different product to replace it.


Liquid cooling done right should be very quiet . . . since that is one of the primary reasons for doing it.

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Got one yesterday, i7 and liquid cooling. Unacceptable noise, I think this is going back.

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