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XPS 8950, i9-12900, noise level

I have been reading of noise issues with the XPS 8950 with the i7 and i9 K CPU. How quiet is XPS 8950 i9-12900 non K CPU with air cooling and the 65W TDP rather than the 125W K CPU? With and without overclocking?




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Thanks!  I purchased the tower cooler.  I almost went with a 3rd party cooler, as there is a wonderful selection to choose from.  However, I don't want to deal with BIOS errors, so I went OEM.

Regarding noise in a non-k 8950, at idle, all three stock fans are running and it's virtually dead silent.  If I push the CPU to 100% utilization, it sounds like a Hoover vacuum cleaner in there - it's significant.  I am hoping the new premium tower cooler helps with that.



The new tower cooler will help with the fan noise under load as it will help keep the temps down but when it reaches a certain temp the fans will still ramp up and be noisy but hopefully for not as long or as often.

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