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XPS 8950, noctua fans, error on startup

I replaced both front and rear fan with noctua 120mm  Pwm. Both show errors on start up.Other post suggest that the low starting speed causes this. The 4 pin wiring is the same on the Noctua  and dell fan. I have ordered   Cooler Master  SF120M With a 600 rpm starting speed, will follow up.

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Replaced front case fan and added 1 more 120mm fan on top. Replace  Liquid cooling fan .

All were replace with Cooler Master SF120M    No error on start up.

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Even if it is the correct voltage and correct number of pins ... sometimes Dell/HP switch pins around. 

Or, the initial RPM is different than stock. It reads "out of spec" and the machine thinks it is bad.

I suggest you reinstall the stock fans. If they are bad, ask Dell for new ones. These XPS machines are traditionally very quite when not under heavy load.


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Liquid cooling fan show error this morning . Back to stock fan.

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