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XPS Desktop vs Inspiron Desktop

It seems like XPS desktops are more expensive than Inspiron desktops with similar specs.

Is this an accurate observation? Is there a reason for this?



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XPS components are of higher quality and system of excellent design than Inspiron.

specs on paper do not mention meticulous care into details.

XPS case tends to be more elegantly designed than Inspiron.

Basically the Dell desktop class goes from Alienware to XPS to Optiplex to Inspiron in descending class, similar to automobile.




If you check out the XPS 8940 the XPS is becoming cheaper and cheaper. The last good XPS was the XPS 8900. 

After that it all goes downhill. The 8920 and 8930 were OK now the 8940 is bad.


according to some the last great XPS was 730X in 2008 that directly competed with Alienware Area 51.  The XPS studio 9100 or 630i were more economical models.  The 8100-8900 XPS were mainstream consumer desktop not HEDT, losing eXtreme in spirit while carrying on eXtreme logo.  


How do the XPS systems compare to the Inspiron systems with similar specs?



XPS Models are for Performance. Some Gamers use the XPS and I have seen some used in Office Environment.


New Inspiron tends to use proprietary PSU limiting upgrade potential to support fast video card.  XPS uses standard ATX PSU with no such limitation.  XPS has better future proof than Inspiron.



Hi, @redxps630 ,


You wrote:-

"XPS uses standard ATX PSU with no such limitation. XPS has better future proof than Inspiron."


The XPS8940, also uses a Proprietary PSU - hence is not "Future-Proof"!



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@wbarnum    How do the XPS systems compare to the Inspiron systems with similar specs?

Their specs are similar. For what purpose will you be using the computer?

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