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XPS One 2720, Webcam, Black & White

My integral webcam is showing black & white and the image is reversed.

I have tried uninstalling in device manager and re-installing but that hasnt worked.

I have tried downlaoding Dell Webcam Central and that hasnt worked.

In device manager it says "Device USB\VID_1BCF&PID_28A6&MI_00\7&45a9caf&0&0000 requires further installation."

Any ideas?

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If it was working and now is not working, then the cam is likely failing.  Removing it from Device Manager and restarting should find it and install it again using the former device driver... if it's healthy.

A Dell Tech onsite may be able to open the bezel and replace it or re-seat its connection.  Otherwise, I would disable it and buy a better webcam (Logitech) to sit on top of the monitor... better cam and positioning and you can use it anywhere like on your next system.


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