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XPS ????, freezes using WordPress Bakery

Have a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9700 new desktop. I am trying to design my website and whilst on WordPress Bakery the whole PC freezes up. I need technical help.


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Re: XPS ????, freezes using WordPress Bakery

What model Dell XPS do you have and what operating system are you using. Can you unfreeze your computer by going to Task Manager and ending the Wordpress task? If Wordpress is the only task that freezes your computer than it is probably a software issue with Wordpress. 

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Re: XPS ????, freezes using WordPress Bakery

Do you have all the latest drivers, especially video drivers, installed on your new PC?

If you're using Win 10, are you using a Bakery version that's compatible with this OS? If it's an older version of Bakery, you could try running it in Compatibility Mode for Win 7.



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