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XPS8900 - Bios will not update despite numerous attempts/methods

The computer still works and boots into Win 10 very slowly and there is an error message:

“(A7) Me FW Downgrade – Request MeSpiLock Failed”.

When I chased this down it appears to be related to a BIOS update that may or may not have happened on the PC. Have been working with this error message for a few months now. This is what I tried to clear the error message – no luck. https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-General-Read-Only/XPS-8900-ERROR-A7-Me-FW-Downgrade-Request-...

Installed BIOS: 2.2.1 (Dell System XPS 8900) / Gigabit Ethernet 4.8 / System BIOS with BIOS Guard 2.2.1 / Intel Management Engine (Non-VPro) Update

The BIOS that supposedly successfully updated: 2.6.1 (Dell System XPS 8900) / Gigabit Ethernet 4.8 / System BIOS with BIOS Guard 2.6.1 / Intel Management Engine (Non-VPro) Update / System Map 1.0.1 / PCRO

2.6.1 appears to install but it is always 2.2.1 when I re-check it.

PC Issues:

  • Bios will not update despite numerous attempts (this is my primary concern)
  • Boots incredibly slow despite the SSD drive
  • Most recently it will not shutdown. Have to hold the button down
  • Had difficulty with power button turning on. Disconnected from battery backup and unplugged before trying to turn on. That is working (for now)

What have I tried:

  • Turning off Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Bitlocker is not on
  • Flashing the BIOS from the F12 One-Time Boot Menu | Dell US
  • Flashing from Command prompt from Win 10 Advanced Settings E:\ FLASH64W.EXE /B=XPS8900-2.6.1.EXE
  • Install bios driver from bootable USB without operating system by changing boot order in F2 menu. Using Legacy Option. “Diag C:\ FLASH64W.EXE /B=XPS890~1.EXE
  • Recover existing BIOS from recovery menu just in case it was corrupted. Recovery said it was successful. I don’t think there was an issue.

Despite what appears to be successful BIOS Updates – when I check in System Information – the BIOS is still 2.2.1

What is keeping the BIOS from updating? Suggestions?

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