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Xps 9000 won't boot after disk error check

So after my app data was corrupted I scheduled a disk error check on next restart but 14% into the error fixing my screen flickered and then was black with a no signal message on my screen but the lights & fans kept running on my desktop. The fans seemed like they were going harder than usual. 

So I did a hard power off then tried getting into safe mode but now every time I try to boot into safe mode, auto repair, system restore, evene on live disc like clonezilla or Ubuntu it does the same screen flicker then no signal on monitor but lights and fans keep running about 3 minutes into any boot up. 

I am desperate here, all my works on this desktop and stupid me hasn't backed up my work in a while and I can't send it off to any specialist cause that too would set me Back time wise

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Re: Xps 9000 won't boot after disk error check

I  just want to be sure we are talking about the same model. Is it the Studio XPS 435T/9000? Does it seem like the system is running properly but with no video display? Any beeps or lights flashing in sequence? It is possible that the video card is the culprit here. This may help though and hopefully it is not the hard drive. Have you tried to boot with the hard drive disconnected from the power and data cables?




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Re: Xps 9000 won't boot after disk error check


It is the studio xps 9000 

Sometimes it'll start the auto repair then it'll say its ran into a problem and it needs to restart and when it tries to reboot itself it'll go to the black screen and fans start spinning faster along with an orange light and short beeps until I manually shutdown but that is the only time it gives me any Beeps or orange lights 

& a few times I was in the middleo of entering a shutdown /r  command when the screens flickered and I got the signal loss message so each time I tried finishing the command and hitting enter to see if It would still respond but nothing. 

I tried reconnecting the hdmi cable after but nothing resolves the issue other than manually shutting down and restarting.

And I haven't tried disconnecting the hard drive. When I removed the panel I saw it was Dusty so I came to buy some cans of compressed air but I'll try that as soon as I get back. 

Thanks for the quick response 

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Re: Xps 9000 won't boot after disk error check

It sounds to me like the original problem is Power Supply or system hardware related which caused the drive problem.

I would stop trying to run Windows on likely problem hardware which may further corrupt the drive.  I'd go into data recovery mode - pull the drive and put in a known good PC as a data drive and recover as much of your data as possible.  I'd make sure Windows Indexing is off before putting it in a different PC so the drive isn't scanned - you want to minimize activity on the drive until you've recovered your data if the drive itself is failing.

Diagnosing the problem with the 9000 is another issue.  I'd only do this without the drive with your data on it in the PC.  Boot from USB, CD or a drive that you don't care about to diagnose the problem.  In the meantime, you'll probably need a backup machine to use.

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