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xps 8930 reboot during render

Hi everyone

I bought a new xps 8930 with 32g of Ram, cpu i7, geforce 1080.

The problem that when i render a high resolution image in Lumion, the computer reboot.

I saw that it's a power supply problem. There is no enough power during rendering.

So i am asking if i call dell to upgrade the psu for me or i have to do it by my self.

And what psu do i have to choose to replace the old one.

If any when have any idea how to upgrade it. I will appreciate.

Thank you

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Re: xps 8930 reboot during render

That sounds more like an CPU overheating problem than a power supply problem.  The CPU has built in safeguards and if it overheats it will first slow down and if it continues it will power off the PC.  There have been some user reports of overheating and users installing liquid CPU coolers to replace the original. 

Dell won't upgrade the power supply, if you feel the power supply is inadequate for your use you will have to upgrade yourself.   

Download and run a temperature program when you are using that program and see if the temperature is the problem. 

Here is the link to a free program


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Re: xps 8930 reboot during render

Read the post by ghopper on 02-25-2018 in this thread and see if that works for you.


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