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2019 XPS 13 7390

Hi guys, 

First time Dell laptop and first time owning Windows anything.  

Bought a new XPS 13 7390 and on using it on the second day, I noticed a very rapid, but also very faint clicking noise coming from what I believe the right side close to the right speaker.  It last for about 3 or 4 seconds and its gone.  Happens regularly whether its running off battery or plugged in.  Thought it was the fan and even switched the fan setting to "Quiet" in the Power Management options.   It's a separate sound than the whooshing of the fans.  It's very faint, but its driving me nuts when I'm in a quiet room and hear it go on.   

Some searching bought me to installing drivers and BIOS updates via the Dell website, but no luck.  

Is this a normal thing?   I doesn't seem to affect my usage although I've only had this for about 3 days now. 

Coming from an older (2012) MacBook Air, which ive had no issues.  Not too familiar with Dell or Windows so any help for a beginner would be appreciated.  

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