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3 orange 6 white light blinking after bios update (xps13 9310)

I updated my XPS13 9310 on Monday. It run well but then suddenly turn off by itself on Tuesday. I re-turn on the laptop but it stuck at the Dell logo page with 3 orange 6 white light blinking. 

I try different methods to reset my bios setting: (1) hold "Ctrl + Esc" and turn-on the laptop, (2) unplugged the battery and SSD, and (3) using USB drive.to restore bios, and etc. Still, the problem remains and I cannot reset my bios. My laptop stops at the Dell logo page. Could you please give me some extra suggestions to reset the bios?

My laptop was bought from Germany and the standard warranty has not expired yet (until Jan 2022). However,  I now move to Hong Kong and so the standard warranty cannot apply. I would like to send my XPS back to Germany to repair. What should I do? 

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So the bios update failed.  You will need to contact support in Germany and see about shipping the laptop to a German facility to have the motherboard replaced.  

Have you tried doing this? https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-us/xps-13-9310-laptop/xps-13-9310-service-manual/updating-th...

When you go to turn on the computer, hit the F12 key rapidly for about 5 seconds and see if you can get into that menu.  

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