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7779 dell logo stuck after bios update 1.30

Hello my dell 17-7779 decided not to boot up after the bios update provided by dell1.30.1. All test ran fine on hardware but it does not provide the restore and backup anymore. 

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Re: 7779 dell logo stuck after bios update 1.30

I just ran it on my system and it seemed to finish and rebooted normally.

If it is hanging at the Logo, you may want to reset the Bios Defaults but possibly a driver situation.  My system is not completely OEM configured since I have replaced the Wi-Fi card and M.2 drive..

If you have one of the M.2 drives or SATA, you might check if firmware is available for it..

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Re: 7779 dell logo stuck after bios update 1.30

If its Under Warranty then call technical Support and they will dispatch a engineer for you.
if its out of warranty then do as follows
1) - unplug the charger -Remove the back cover - disconnect the battery - remove ssd - remove hdd - remove Ram module -disconnect CMOS battery -wait for 30 sec and now connect only the charger and power on you'll hear beeps sounds.
now disconnect the charger , connect cmos battery, ssd, hdd, ram, and finally the battery and charger and start your pc it will work fine

disconnect if any external peripherals are connected to the laptop

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