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9350 performance issues after 2004 update

After updating to the latest version of windows I’ve been having performance issues that have made my computer unusable. Programs will freeze almost immediately and sometimes recover, but freeze again as soon as I try to use them. The task manager shows consistent memory usage at 50% even when nothing is running and the CPU usage is constantly fluctuating, but often hits 100% from “system interrupts” I am unable to downgrade to the last version even though I only installed this update a few days ago. Is anyone else having issues like this?

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Re: 9350 performance issues after 2004 update

Many users have reported problems and MS has posted the list--


Microsoft is working on fixes. You cannot go back automatically because 2004 version is a major update that replaced your previous version.

If you used Windows Update and did not force the installation report your problems to MS. If you did not use Windows Update, run it now to see if there are any fixes.


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