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9550(FHD) black screen after dbc wrong firmware


I got a black screen in my 9550(FHD) after install the wrong the dbc firmware. I made a mistake and I've install the firmware for the QHD screen and now my screen is totally black but I can use a external monitor, I think installing again the correct firmware should be fine. There are couple similar cases in this forum but I cannot get my computer fix with them.

I tried recovering the BIOS and didn't work.

Inside the firmware folder there is other folder call FHD_DBC_enable with a firmware, I tried to install it but I got this message when I tried:


Similar cases:



Anyone could help me please?! I'm totally desperate :Crying:

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Did you resolve this issue? If you need the firmware file, I have the one I used (which worked perfectly) on my 9360 FHD screen model.

Oops, that might not work as the models are different. Anyway, I hope you sorted this out. It must have been depressing to try something in the hope of improving something, only to have it screw it up instead.


I had to change the screen..I couldn't install other firmware...the screen was wasted. Thanks for your help anyway :)

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