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9570 Touch and Pen stop working intermittently

I updated my BIOS to 1.4.1, after which I noticed the touch screen, together with the pen support would disappear. Specifically, it would disappear after I opened the lid. It does not matter if the computer is in sleep prior to opening the lid, or if the computer is set to stay on with the lid closed. It is very annoying as I take notes on this device using a pen.

I have to restart the XPS 15 every time, to get the touch function back. Dell supportassist does not work. Closing and reopening the lid does not work. Windows 10 cannot even find the issue. One alternative I still have to test is setting the computer to hibernate when the lid is closed, but that's no different from restarting it every time.

So, anyone else who update to 1.4.1 getting the same issue?
Prior to updating, (bios 1.3.1) I had the same issue but with the audio device instead.

4k XPS 15 9570, i7 8750h, 16GB SkHynix DDR4, 512GB Toshiba SSD

EDIT: Hibernating does work, but that is probably because the computer does not automatically turn on once the lid is opened again. I have to push the power button. Everything is centered around the "has the lid been opened while the computer is on/partially on" I think.

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Re: 9570 Touch and Pen stop working intermittently

It's a bug in bios 1.4.1

Here's the major changelog for the new bios.

1. Introduce touch screen bug

2. Make the screen flicker worse after device sleep

3. Downgrade the GPU speed by lowering the temperature limit from 78C to 74C and do not inform the users about this. Result is the new laptop will work slower than the gtx 1050 specs due to temp throttling.

4. Do not allow the users to downgrade bios and enforce this speed throttling bios.

5. Future feature removal and further throttling down the road.


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