Absolute Garbage

I bought a Dell XPS 13 2 in 1, expecting to use it as my laptop during my university career. For the first few months, I was quite satisfied with the product. But then, after 6 months or so, the laptop suddenly locked me out. At the time I was annoyed, but I wasn't too concerned. Next thing I know, I start to get bombarded with technical issues. For example, all audio coming from the headphone jack started to sound drowned underwater. I spent countless hours trying various methods to fix this issue until finally, I got the audio to sound normal again. But then, the headphone jack started to sound super staticky. Again, I tried multiple different solutions (i.e clean the jack, uninstall/re-install drivers, update various software components etc.), unfortunately, this time, the headphone jack stopped working altogether. So I called the tech support team, and they said they'd send a guy to fix the motherboard. He didn't show up. I missed a full day of classes only to be told that my computer would not be getting fixed, but maybe sometime in the next week. At this point I was furious, I didn't want to deal with this anymore. I haven't even had the laptop for a year, and it was already giving me so many problems. So I called customer service in hopes of returning the product, but all I got was the same regurgitation of "you can't return after 30 days" from multiple service-men. I think that this policy is absolute garbage, 30 days? At least give us a year to decide if a product is right for us. The last straw was when the keys of the laptop started malfunctioning. I could not press the same key twice within a 3 second time period. So I called tech support again and was left on hold for half an hour. I then called customer service. Another half an hour of hold! I personally think that the dell return policy is absolute garbage, and the customer service along with it is also garbage. Myself, along with my friends and family will never ever buy a Dell product again!


I hope it was worth it Dell.

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Re: Absolute Garbage

Dell is one of the few that allows a 30-day return, so whatever you buy next, be sure up front - you'll likely have no return privilege at all.


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