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Accidentally spilled water on my Dell XPS 13 9300

XPS 13 9300


I have dell XPS 13 9300 and I accidentally spilled water on it. I immediately powered down the computer and tilted the laptop to get rid of excess water before wiping it out thoroughly from top.

I also disconnected the battery but after sometime because first I have un-screw it. Left it to dry for about 4 hours.

After that when I re-connected the battery, System did a hardware check before boot and found no issues.

I was able to login and before moving any further I did dell supportAssist check and updated the BIOS + other security fixes.

Now here the issues which I am experiencing – not in function per say.

  1. Caps lock light remains ON – even when the caps locks does not print in CAPS, it toggle between caps and non-caps print when switched. This means CAPS is on or off can’t be the CAPS lock key light.
  2. LED light in the front keeps blinking – 2 amber and 8 time white – which means there is ‘LCD power rail failure’. Note: LCD to me appears to be working fine as I can increase the brightness of it, all applications and touch respond as and when invoked.
    1. So could someone tell me – what does ‘LCD power rail failure’ means?
    2. Do I need to do anything to fix it or keep on using the laptop, as everything seems to be functioning fine?
    3. How can I diagnose what is wrong with what part?
    4. Can I change part without replacing the motherboard?

Any insight or guidance will be much appreciated..

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At a minimum, disconnect the battery and disassemble the system.  Check inside for evidence of water or dried residue on the system board.

In order,

2-1.  The system is sensing something abnormal on the system board -- could be shorted or open.

2.  Make sure the system is clean inside - use alcohol to clean up any residue.

3.  It essentially doesn't matter, since the only fix for a mainboard issue is to replace the system board;  the board is not repairable.

4.  No.

The other issue could be that the keyboard has a short in it -- if it does, the keyboard itself isn't separately replaceable;  the palmrest assembly is a single unit containing the keyboard.  It's not inordinately expensive to replace but does require a total system teardown to accomplish.

Palmrest assembly:


Service manual:




As per your suggestion i did re-open the machine, removed the battery, cleaned everything with alcohol wipes, left it dry and then re-assembled it.

But unfortunately both CAPS lock light indicator issue (that it remain lit even when it is not cap locked).

and LED indicator signaling  LCD power rail failure. but computer screen is operating and behaving without any issues.

Any other suggestions to turn off both of these issues are welcome.



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The only fix for the issue is to solve the underlying problems.  Replace the palmrest assembly first, which should solve the keyboard light issue.  To solve the LED flash issue, it will almost certainly be necessary to replace the system board, but if the system functions otherwise and the problem doesn't get worse, you may be better off simply ignoring the  LED -- the mainboard will be a significant percentage of the system cost to replace.


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 Any video or step-by-step guide on how to replace palmrest assembly? Any help or guidance is welcome.


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Look in the first reply to your message -- the service manual is linked there.


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