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Activation lost after restoring system

Hi, Due the fact that I work with system development, I had to partition my ssd to allow me to have linux on this XPS 9570. I had to change the HD to AHCI mode and after that Windows was no longer booting, so I've tried to restore the system to see if it would fix (it didn't, I still had to reactivate raid mode, go to windows, msconfig.exe and set it to boot on safe mode, reboot, to into BIOS, enable AHCI and then boot into windows with safe mode, and only after that reboot the note in normal windows mode to get it running together with linux). My problem is that apparently after I've restored the system, my windows does not want to activate anymore. I don't know what to do as I did purchase this machine with a licensed version of Windows but can't find any activation code anywhere!
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Re: Activation lost after restoring system

A system which has Windows 10 activated and no subsequent hardware modifications were made, will normally reactivate once the system is back online.  It may take a day or two but you should not need any license keys.

If you need to sync your device, you will need to be logged into and verify with a Microsoft account.

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