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Adding extra SSD for dell xps 15 with 256gb SSD

Hi first time on this forums, 

i recently got an XPS 15, i7, 16GB Ram, 256SSD. i am wanting to replace the SSD to a 512SSD i have already brought the new SSD and a screwdriver kit and can replace this with ease.. the only thing i am wondering is there some kind of kit so i can transfer everything (windows operating system,programs,documents) onto my new SSD?

as i imagine this new 512SSD will be completely blank


any suggestions or links to a transfer kit will be appreciated


Note: the SSD in these laptops are not 2.5 SSD so don't think these will fit in a normal SSD transferring kit  

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Re: Adding extra SSD for dell xps 15 with 256gb SSD

The easiest way is to use Macrium Reflect to make a system image to an external hard drive AND make a recovery flash drive for your system using that utility.  The free version will work just fine.

Once the image is made and verified, swap in the new drive, boot the system from the Macrium recovery media, and recover the drive. 

There is no way to do this directly - you won't find a way to connect two M.2 drives to the system (unless you buy a very expensive thunderbolt adapter -- think multi hundred dollars -- and this is for a one-time use).  


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