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After motherboard upgrade XPS 13 Stop error blue screens



I recently purchased an xps 13 9350 motherboard to replace my 9343 motherboard so that I could upgrade ram and hard drive to nvme. First thing I did was install my old SATA hard drive and boot into windows. Then I installed an ADATA SX8200 Pro SSD and got a bios error that the drive was faulty. So I  upgrade bios from 1.4.4  to the latest 1.10.1 bios release. Then I replaced the SATA hard drive with the ADATA sx8200 Pro SSD NVME disk and was able to  install Windows ver 1809  fresh and boot into Windows. Then randomly started to get random stop error blue screens immediately. Wasn't sure what was going on so went back to the SATA disk and no blue screens. Completely stable as far as I can tell with the SATA WD Blue old hard drive. So swapped in the NVME drive and restored an image of the SATA drive and got nothing but spinning wheels with 'Windows repair' loop that didn't repair anything. So I installed latest Windows 1903 ver and immediately blue screen city all over again.  Now back on the SATA ssd and it seems stable.

Not sure of what was the cause.  Do I have a bad motherboard? Driver issue?


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