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Airpods-iPhone Connection faulty

I have an XPS 15, an iPhone 8, and Airpods. In the past, I usually have kept them set up so that the airpods and the phone are connected to the computer so that I can receive my phone notifications through Dell Mobile Connect and play my computer's audio all through my airpods on one audio channel (the phone and the airpods aren't interacting). In the past two weeks or so, they've started acting up so when my computer is connected to both my phone and the airpods, the audio becomes choppy and unusable - through spotify, youtube, or anything. It only stops when I disconnect my phone from Dell Mobile Connect.

So far, I've updated my bluetooth and DMC drivers, reset DMC, reconnected my phone, and reset my airpods and nothing has worked. I also used a one-time fix that has since stopped working by turning off Spatial Sound. I've also recently installed the new BIOS and NVIDIA updates and a few other chipset updates, so I'm not sure if those should affect this issue. I'm not sure why this is happening now, since this is my second year with the computer and I've never had this issue before with these three devices interacting.

Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps try to reset your iPhone, maybe that's the simplest way to do it. Not sure which model of iPhone you have, for iPhone 7 this is how you reset it

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