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Am I just really unlucky, or are XPS 15's just really unreliable?

Hi there,

Thanks for opening.  Hope this finds you well and happy.

I was a Lenovo user before, and atm I'm going to go back to them, as I've had a catalogue of failures with my laptop and peripherals.

  1. I bought my top spec Dell XPS 15 9560 at around £1400, and within a month I had to get the motherboard replaced due to a fault with the sound.
  2. I also bought an official Dell external battery at great expense (£100), and when I received it there were issues with it too so I couldn't use it!
  3. About 8 months after first purchasing the laptop, I had to replace the DC power adapter as the cable started becoming faulty.  I was in a rush and bought a replacement rather than contacting Dell again.  The cheap non-dell replacement has worked better now for years.
  4. The speakers in the laptop started to sound crackly, then stopped working about 6 months after the warranty finished.
  5. Now the batteries have stopped working overnight.  I've opened it up to check the connections, but looks like the battery has stopped working overnight which is weird.  I've ordered a replacement which I hope will work.

In summary, the motherboard, power adapter, internal speakers, and an external power supply stopped working within 18 months!!  My old Lenovo laptops all still work totally fine, including original power supplies, one of which is 17 years old, and it all works completely fine!  Is Dell's stuff just really unreliable?

Would Dell provide some sort of compensation even though I don't have an extended warranty?  Or shall I just continue to tell people that Dell really isn't worth it?



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