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Another XPS9560 swollen battery

A few weeks ago I noticed my touchpad was getting difficult to use, and then more recently it's been lifting up away from the case. A quick look online suggests that this is due to a swollen battery.

So looking at old related posts, I see the 9550s (even those out of warranty) are being recalled, but 9560s aren't due to lack of incidents. So firstly let this post be another mark on the list of incidents. Furthermore, Dell insist it isn't a safety issue, but I'm not sure flight security would agree to that and I'm due to fly tomorrow, as I do every week, with my laptop, for work. I guess I'll have to make other arrangements for this week, but need a solution for the near-future.

So I'm wondering if:

1) there's been any update the this specific recall policy. Last thing I want is to fork out for a new battery only for a recall announcement to be made.

2) what success people have had in getting this resolved, and how.

I plan on calling Dell tech support later today, am keen for advice on what I need to know first regarding (UK) consumer rights etc. Is it even worth it? Looks to me like warranty extension is more expensive that just buying a new battery.

Needless to say, judging by other people's experience, this may be the last time I buy from Dell...