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Are my temps ok (9570) or need repasting?

I've used throttlestop to undervolt already. These are all on battery, not plugged in:

34-38 idle

42-48 browsing with firefox or torrenting in the background

~54 when watching a short youtube clip.

Just wondering if I would see any benefit from repasting with thermal grizzly kryonaut with my usage which is typically the above. Sometimes the laptop starts feeling uncomfortable if using on lap, but not extremely hot. 

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Re: Are my temps ok (9570) or need repasting?

OFC you'll see a benefit but IMO they look fine (unless you're in the Arctic or something...)

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Re: Are my temps ok (9570) or need repasting?

These look okay. 

But better check temperatures (using HWinfo64/Sensors - also watch clock frequencies, CPU throttling flags, CPU package power, fan speeds) on AC power and under load. 

On battery, the CPU is throttled down to save juice, doesn't run fully. 

When idling or under light work, the CPU clocks down when all cores don't need to work. And this is not well defined, depends on which programs are doing what. For checking it is better to use something that loads up the CPU fully. Like Mersenne Prime 95, for a couple of minutes. 

If paste isn't good, you should see temps near 100 and clock downthrottling within seconds. If not, paste is probably ok. Power limit to 45W after half a minute is normal too. Unfortunately, power limit throttling with the CPU and the GPU active at once after a couple of minutes is "normal" (not the kind of normality I would find agreeable), because the voltage regulator mosfets (VRMs) are not cooled. Google up padding VRMs - much easier than repasting and highly recommendable. 

Using the laptop on the lap isn't recommended, because you may block air intakes and because dust is likely to clog the cooling fins. 

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