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BIOS Unlock Setup


I have Dell XPS 12-9Q33. Can you help me remove the password in BIOS? (I did not install it, but already bought it with a password - it looks like someone from the store installed it, or they sold me a laptop that someone returned back to the store).

I contacted the official local support service in Ukraine, but they did not help me and said that the only way out was to replace the motherboard.

Because of this password, I do not have access to change the settings in BIOS.
I can’t even correctly update BIOS due to this password.

I have a purchase receipt.

Please help me.



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The only way to unlock the system is to contact Dell tech support and after confirming you are the owner, they can help you access the system. You stated that you contacted local support but did not specify if it was Dell tech support.

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Yes, it was official Dell support. Unfortunately this support in my city could not help me.

They sent a request to the main office in Kiev, Ukraine. And support from Kiev sent a request somewhere else. The answer I received: they can not reset the password, change the motherboard.

But it's just stupid to change the motherboard because of the password.

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