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Battery and fan noise faults with XPS 13 9370?

Got a new XPS 13 9370 16GB 4K laptop from Currys for nearly a month now.

First boot up after purchase, fans were incredibly loud and sort of grindy-noises and the base of the laptop became very very hot.

Battery status kept fluctuating at times, showing numbers like 8hrs remaining when in fact, the battery didn't even reach to 8hrs.

Everywhere I've looked, the battery was always stated or advertised having at least 6hrs per charge with the 4K - why does mine barely last 3-4 hours on basic web browsing, lowest battery settings and low brightness?? I knew the 4K screen would knock the battery down but not by this much! Anyone got solutions? Should I just stick with it and get battery packs or is there a battery upgrade I can do or update something? This is by far my biggest issue, would appreciate help.

Even with basic browsing or Netflix, base of laptop gets incredibly hot - like fire honestly. The fans also trigger and get loud and grindy. Any solutions? Would be very grateful!


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@DellNoobos I can assist with the fan issues on your notebook. If the fan is mechanically failing with a grinding noise, the fan needs to be replaced.

With regards to the battery, battery life can vary based on a number of factors such as battery capacity, type of screen used, performance plan used, system activity etc. A system with a 4 cell battery and a 4k screen will have lower life than a 6 cell battery equipped system.

Have you run the hardware diagnostics on the system to ensure there are no problems with it? (Hold down the Fn key and power on the system)
Does the battery charge to 100% when it is plugged in?
Are you running the latest BIOS and drivers on the system?

I'll drop you a private message to get some more details from you.


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Hi DellNoobos,

Thanks for posting. Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

If you recently purchased this system and are getting it online for the first time, you will find that while downloading all the information for the OS and other programs, there will be a lot of activity and this is normal.  Once all the programs are up to date, the amount of useage will diminish.

Here is some information from the Dell knowledge base you may find helpful:

How to Troubleshoot Fan Issues

How to Fix Computer Fan Noise


If you need additional assistance, please contact me privately. Be sure to include your personal information and your computer's service tag number. Thanks.

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