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Black Vertical Line on XPS screen

OK, so I have the Dell XPS 9370 and I am having some troubles with it. Overall, this is a great laptop and is super fast at what I want it to do. However, I reset this PC a few months back because I accidentally compressed my entire hard drive. Long story short, I just completely reset it using the windows reset feature and it went back to being like a "brand new" laptop right out of the box. 


However, since that reset, I have noticed that I will get a random black vertical line that sometimes shows up on my screen. What's weird is it is only just one line and usually will disappear when I start moving the mouse around or when I start scrolling. Sometimes it'll even disappear and then reappear after I finish scroll. It's not a big problem (yet) and I have check everything I can with scanning the hardware, software, and the display itself. Everything said it was normal but this problem still exists. I was wondering if maybe something was corrupted during the reset process? 

I have attached a photo to show what it looks like.

Please advise on what I should do...

IMG_1557.jpegphoto showing the black line in the middle of the screen


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