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Bluetooth disappeared XPS 15 9570

Bluetooth just disappeared out of nowhere i was listening to music.  If I go to settings there is no Bluetooth in the list of Network & Internet, but if i search in the search box I can reach Bluetooth & other devices but the toggle button disappeared. I tried everything and every update from the device manager and from dell website for my specific laptop. After installing an update and restarting the laptop there still no Bluetooth button and if you go to device manager there is a yellow sign over the Bluetooth adaptorAnnotation 2020-05-10 032517.png1.png2.png


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I am having the exact same issue. This happened to me once before and reinstalling the driver fixed it, but this time it does not. I have no Bluetooth capability right now. 

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The resource listed here would help you as it helped other users.




The link you provided is for updating the firmware on Ubuntu Linux. The OP is running Windows judging by his screenshot.

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