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Boot from USB

I have a XPS 13 9343. How do I change and from where do I go. F2 won't work and no good with F12.  The Dell Tech was an **bleep** I was told the thumdrive had no Data I pointed out 52+GB  to him so what do I do.

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Re: Boot from USB

When you say “no good with F12”, does that mean you’re not seeing the flash drive in the F12 boot options or you can’t access the menu at all? If the former, how did you prep the USB flash drive you’re trying to boot from? A flash drive will only be listed there if the system finds a UEFI-compatible boot environment on it. If the latter (can’t access the menu at all), F12 definitely works for bringing up the one-time boot menu on the XPS 13 9343 since I own one. You just need to press the key repeatedly from the moment you power on the system. Don’t even wait until the display lights up.

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Re: Boot from USB

since this is the first thing that comes up on google search:

at the dell logo hammer <f8>

as soon as the blue bar appears hammer <f12>

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