Brand New XPS 13 2-in-1 No HD Installed; BSOD; freezes

7/11/18 rec'd brand new XPS 13 2-in1 7th Gen i7 (my second brand new XPS in 30 days). Out of the box power-up "No hard drive installed" error then it shuts down after about 1 minute. Waited for a bit then power-up. This time goes through the "normal" Windows prompt to set up the laptop. While doing the setup, it crashes and the blue screen of death shows up... can't do anything... it shuts off by itself. Waited 30 min this time. Power up and gets frozen on Dell logo then shuts off. Waited a few min then power up, goes back to the start of Windows prompt to sup up the laptop. This time, it goes all the way through. Register laptop, then Support Assist windows appear with Driver updates... so I follow screen... drivers updated... system reboots automatically... "No hard drive installed" error shows up then it shuts down. Waited a few min then power up. Goes into Windows and everything looks normal. Then update McAfee anti-virus. This went ok. Signed into MS Office (I have 365). Open Excel, laptop freezes for a bit then blue screen of death shows up.

Pretty much given up. Two weeks ago I received an XPS 13 i8 and it went through the same errors, BSOD, frozen screen. Returned that one and had it replaced with the XPS 13 2-in-1 i7 touch--the current one. I went onto the Order section to return this laptop and gave the reasons. The reply I get back is: "...the best I can do for you is a $100 credit but you have to keep the laptop..." what????

Emails back and forth with this person... then says "...$100 credit and exchange for a replacement of the same laptop..." I told that person I went through two XPS laptops with the same errors. I really don't want an XPS now. I will gladly trade it for something else of equal value... for some reason, I got the impression this person did not want to do a refund. Oh well.

Anyhow... what do I do now?

Stuck with broken brand new laptop...

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Re: Brand New XPS 13 2-in-1 No HD Installed; BSOD; freezes

I don't work for Dell so I can't help with the returns situation, but a question.  When you exchanged the system did you send it back to Dell before they shipped the new one?  I don't think they would have done this but if they had swapped out some parts from the first one to the second one it could be a cause for the similar problems.

If it is not a common part, it is rare for two systems to exhibit the exact same problems.  Dell has rules about what it does so if they will not replace it again, since it is unusable, you might go through and see if you can send it back for maintenance. 

If it was me, and I saw a bunch of drive messages, I would try removing the drive and running the system without it.  Of course, this may get involved with the warranty and you have to be careful.  So I think I would first try to get them to check it out by shipping it back to the factory.  If they find problems, they may replace it if they cannot repair it. 

If you actually have Blue Screens then you might place a dump file on your One Drive and give us access.  I can check if anything sticks out but I am not good at the less obvious problems.


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