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Brand New XPS 9510 Freezing (Complete Freeze must be Shutdown)

XPS 15 9510

I just bought this laptop from BestBuy (About 2 weeks ago). I got it for school related business so nothing overloading. The Laptop randomly freezes on any application at any given time for no apparent reason. I have went and done a lot of tests as well as had Dell take over my computer and run the Same tests. I'm at my wits end with this Brand New computer. I will not be happy if I'm writing a paper for school and my Brand New computer freezes.

Running windows 11.

Please someone give me and idea or a next step.

Thanks in advance!!!

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This is definitely a inherent issue with Dell XPS laptops. You can find the similar discussion for XPS 9500 and even latest model 9520. And Dell is supposed to be this issue, but there's no permanent fix until now. This problem is so ridiculous. 

I looked for the solution in the internet in Mar 2022 when I purchased this xps 9510. The screen frozen twice or three times a day. I found a fix which recommended to install the older Graphics driver "Intel-UHD-Graphics-Driver_MTT37_WIN64_30.0.100.9864_A02_01.EXE" instead of the latest one. Another thing is setting up "not update this driver automatically". I did and it worked perfectly. You can try it.

However, this issue happened again in Sep 2022. I'm running simulation or writing a report on Word. It suddenly stuck on that screen, the only thing I could do was pushing the power button for 10-15s to turn it off and power it on again. Obviously, all on-ongoing tasks were not saved. I installed the latest Intel graphics driver but it's no help.

I think I won't spend nearly 3000$ for this kind of unreliable product.



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Just update what I found for everyone reading this post. 

I've updated the latest BIOS version 1.13.0 released on 14 Sep 2022. The freezing phenomenon has not happen for 2 days. I think now Dell acknowledged the issue and resolved it. Have a try.

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>




Any update on this? Been having the same problem since I got this thing in May last year. My system information says that I'm running BIOS 1.13.10, but the date says 8/10/2022.


Update Yes, I returned it and bought a Razer Blade 14" 2021. The Dell XPS laptop was unworkable, unfortunately. 

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