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Brand New xps 13 7930 is making a screeching sound

I received by brand new xps 13 a few days ago, after after going through a lengthy process of updating drivers, there is one issue that appears to persist which i whenever I use the trackpad to scroll, the laptop emits a high pitched screeching sound (similar to that of a CD being read in a CD Drive).

This is not the only time the sound is made; the laptop will emit this sound without warning - it is extremely bothering and worrying.

The sound comes from the left hand side of the laptop.


- On a side note, I have researched this issue and it appears to be a repeated issue in dell products, and the fix suggested to me was to update the intel video drivers. I tried this, there are video drivers for me to update to but the installer tells me: "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.".

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Re: Brand New xps 13 7930 is making a screeching sound

Your laptop comes with all the drivers it needs--Dell customizes drivers for your exact model. No outside manufacturer's drivers will work. That is why your new computer doesn't work right now. 

You should reinstall all the original drivers or get Dell support to help reinstall the correct drivers.


Laptops rarely if ever need driver updates but if they ever do, the drivers must come from Dell.


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Re: Brand New xps 13 7930 is making a screeching sound

Those drivers appear to be for the 9350?


I have my drivers for the 7390 all installed and no others; but the sound seems to persist, thanks for your help in advance.

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