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Buy extra laptops if xps15 sent faulty:Dell Support resp..

I am writing online and seeking suggestions from tech world if I expected a lot from Dell Support for the scenario I am currently dealing with my new 7 days old XPS 15 9570 i9 laptop or its the basic customer support anybody should expect from laptop manufacturer?

Scenario : I bought a brand new premium xps15 9570 i9 laptop from DELL and within a day I starting getting laptop overheating issues in normal usage conditions where i am just running three 1*3 flavor VMs in Hyper-V. I was using 5-10% of CPU and still getting overheating issues when AC adapter was plugged into laptop .

Actions taken by DELL SUPPORT :

- Dell representative did really well and replaced my defective AC adapter in a day after troubleshooting the issue .

After replacing the AC adapter , I was still experiencing the overheating issues where laptop panel was getting overheated while charging and keyboard also starting showing issues.

-Dell representative again troubleshooted the issue and suggested to replace the laptop and he raised the request for replacement . Till now it was an amazing customer support .

As a Customer :

-I bought this laptop as my Macbook pro did not suffice my CPU and memory requirements.

-While fixing the overheating issues with support, i spent my evenings to setup my dev stack and vm clusters on the defective laptop. Thanks to my family for supporting me so that i could spend some time . (But will have to spend this time again with the replaced laptop and as a consumer , will be spending again).

-As a customer , I was expecting DELL to complete the replacement order in 1-2 days instead of their normal 5-10 days process and I requested for expedited 1-2 days replacement which was rejected by DELL support . Was I expecting more as a impacted consumer ?????

Response by DELL SUPPORT to Crisis Incident :

- Dell Representative repeatedly mentioned that they will try to expedite but cannot be done in 1-2 days . Standard delivery can be done by 13th June or they will try to expedite .

-Dell supervisor told me that I should have additional laptops so that my productivity is not hampered due to defective laptop. Is this a valid response and customer should be buying multiple premium laptops ($2600-3000$ laptops) to enhance productivity and accept lower Quality in premium laptops ?????

-Dell representative said that replacement laptop has to be newly built to have same configuration and build time will take approx 2 weeks .. Please advise , shouldn't DELL be working on exception route for impacted customers and deliver any readily available alternative to customer ???

Am I asking more here or are these expectations valid as a customer who spent hard earned money by working hours in the job? Please suggest....

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This is a new system, in tight supply - they cannot ship what they can't have built for them.  Bear in mind they're built in China - so the supply chain isn't short.

New models WILL have problems - just as you wouldn't buy a completely new fleet of delivery vehicles of completely new design, it's not a bad idea to keep an older system around just in case.  

It's unfortunate, but there's almost no way a company can release a problem-free brand new model.  Product lifecycles are short - and just as buyers of first-model-year cars and trucks do the final development work, so too do buyers of brand-new notebook systems.


I don't think car dealers start suggesting their customers to buy multiple cars after realizing their car had a problem , and if company is manufacturing product in China,  it's their manufacturing strategy and their responsibility to deliver quality product. 

   I think that was a shameful response from a representative as per my opinion suggesting customers to have multiple laptops although i had multiple but what about those who can afford only one.


If you have a business that depends on the use of a computer, you NEED a back up - it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN  you'll have a failure that requires a contingency plan.

For business purposes, Latitude and Precision models are generally more conservatively designed (one reason we  haven't yet seen the Precision version of the XPS 9570 released yet).  They're more thoroughly tested and solidly built than consumer models like the Inspiron and XPS.


Thanks for the response . Here question is not about contingency plan . If you would have read my statements , I already had MacBook Pro . The point here is that such kind of responses are insult to consumers and I already spent hours of configuring that laptop , will those hours come back ? everybody has 24 hours in a day and everybody is mortal. Giving such responses clearly explains how much team was trained to handle difficult discussions with customers . Another point is products cant be built and sold assuming customers will have a contingency plans . 

 And as far as XPS is concerned , as you rightly mentioned i could not find same counfigurations in Latitude and Precisions .

No manufacturer will cover the time taken to configure a new system - though there are plenty of value-added resellers that will do that job for you -- paid, of course.

You're asking for consideration beyond what is provided by any system manufacturer - even Apple won't provide that level of support, and it charges twice what Dell does for equivalent hardware.  

Unfortunately, you're using a brand-new platform, brand-new model and for what sound to be business-critical purposes.  You WILL experience problems with any new model (just ask the thousands of users suffering through Apple's overheating and keyboard failure problems with the current crop of Macbook Pro systems).



I apologize but you again missed the point , I am not expecting the manufacturer to cover the time taken to configure the system , i am saying BECAUSE OF FAULTY LAPTOP , I WILL HAVE TO SPEND THE TIME AGAIN. Here the point is Tech Support Supervisors need to be aware WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY TO THE CUSTOMERS IN CRISIS DISCUSSIONS AND HOW TO EXPEDITE THE SITUATIONS. Also just for the clarification , this did not happen to me but to my friend, even HP (which is far in different laptop range than DELL or Mac) had better support supervisors who understood the issue and at least replaced my friend's faulty laptop within expedited couple of days with courtesy of extended warranty. This at least make customer understand that even there was issue , at least manufacturer understood the inconvenience caused and resolved ... I also know nobody is perfect , at least shameful response was not given to customer. 

To save time in the future i suggest using clonezilla before sending back laptop for warranty. Few clicks and you are set.
Nevertheless this situation **bleep** and I dont like reading about dell xps 15 issues. Hope the next unit will work as expected.

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