CPU stucks at 0.38 Ghz

Hello. I have a Dell XPS 13 (9360). It works just fine before, but recently, here's the problem:

About 2 weeks ago, I dropped it from a height of about 1 meter, and it became extremely slowly. I opened Task Manager, and the CPU stucked at 0.38 Ghz. I know this is not normal, because it's usually around 2 Ghz. I had the laptop repaired, and they said that the reason is the hard disk was affected as a result of the drop. So I changed a new hard disk. I got my laptop back a week ago. But there's another problem. Sometimes when I was using it, its screen suddenly turn into a blue screen (BSoD maybe?) and it said "Your computer an into a problem and needs to restart." The stopcode was "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". This morning it happened again, and when i restarted the laptop, guess what? It works just like how it did 2 weeks ago. Again, the CPU stucked at 0.38 Ghz. I really don't know what is happening, because I kept it very well since the last incident. No drops, no water, nothing. Please help. I'm desperately searching the internet for help...

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Re: CPU stucks at 0.38 Ghz

Does the system correctly sense the AC adapter, or does it show unknown?

F2 at powerup to check.


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