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Can I upgrade XPS 15 (9550) to 4k display?


I have the XPS 15 9550 with Full HD display, 16GB RAM, i7 and 500GB SSD. Is it possible to simply buy a 4k display and switch out the Full HD in my computer? Will this work? 

I have two reasons for wanting to do this. I have a dead pixel (which I can live with) and I also want a nicer screen, as I use the computer a lot.

If possible, can this screen be bought from Dell?

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most likely you'll be able to do it but before doing it you'll need to consider a couple of things

1- your laptop is premium, true, but its a little dated today ( resale value 500$ to 700$ ).. the 4k panel inst exactly cheap ( you might need to change the entire top lid assembly ) 

2- 4k panel will be nice but its glossy ( eye strain wont be an issue ? )

3- your laptop needs a new battery by now ? putting a expensive 4k panel on laptop with a almost dead battery , thats another 100$- 150$ ? 

4- the 4k screen will munch through your battery much quicker than a 1080p screen .. no problem? 

5- the difference between a 1080p and a traditional hd 1366 * 768 is a lot - but between 1080p and 4k the difference wont be as day and night if you ask me 

6- xps 9550 was a new design and had many issues - ( I had the 4k version and the motherboard went toast - sold it on facebook marketplace for 250$ CAD for parts )

in my humble opinion you might just want to sell the one you currently have and add a 200$ to 300$  and if you get lucky you can buy a used 4k laptop like the hp spectre x360 or envy x360  or dell xps 15 9560 4k for a reasonable price on facebook marketplace or kijiji or craigslis ( ebay tends to be more expensive for some reason )



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