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Absurd situation!

It's been 4 times that I try to order (bank card, transfer), by the site or directly with a Dell advisor.

Each time, the order is canceled after a few days.

The problem is not with my bank, but with Dell's finance department. Each time the same process: the service tries to reach me by such for verification (call from the United Kingdom). They never leave a message to be called back and then cancel the order. 

Considering the number of sales that Dell's financial department is cropping up, it would be advisable to improve your process in order to avoid wasting Dell's money, your customers' time and having a deteriorating reputation. month after month. Unless the director of financial services at Dell works for the competition, I don't see any other explanation to explain this bleak situation.

If there is a competent employee in the financial department of Dell in the United Kingdom that he does not hesitate to contact me, just to help Dell France to complete a sale ...


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