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Confused about updates to Dell XPS 13 9380

Is anyone else confused by the array of different downloads that are offered by Dell.  This is my confusion.


1. I run support assist and it says that there is an optional update (latest BIOS) that can be installed. When I run installation it fails.

2. I run Dell Update and it scans for updates. It offers two updates now. One  optional the BIOS which was flagged by Support Assist and another recommended, the Dell Power Manager Service.

3. The upward pointing arrow is a link which takes me to support.dell.com.  There is no information about the Power Manager Service but if offers to scan my laptop for the latest drivers and downloads. This time if suggests two downloads. One is the BIOS and another is the Intel Chipset Software Driver.

I find these differing downloads offered through different Dell Services confusing.  In the past I have tried to install both the BIOS and the chipset driver.  The BIOS update always fails to install and the chipset driver is always offered even though I have apparently installed it previously.

I would appreciate some advice and also some consistency on the part of DELL

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Hi @MeganTheDog , 

The reason for the inconsistency is that each tool you use is developed by a different vendor for Dell. Support Assist is an all encompassing support tool that allows more in depth system information over and above system updates.

Dell Command | Update is Dell's own tool and is simply for keeping the system drivers and BIOS up to date.

Each one has their own sync schedule that is different. They are also designed are different users and their updating needs.

Support Assist is viewed as the most basic tool aimed at consumers as it gives all the information in an easily understandable format whereas command update is aimed more at system admins for them to deploy systems and keep them maintained.

My suggestion to avoid any further confusion would be to stick to one tool and use that to manage your system updates.

For the BIOS update, what is the error message you are receiving?

My suggestion would be to try manually downloading the current BIOS revision you have installed and reflashing the BIOS to that same version. Once done, then try updating the BIOS.

What BIOS revision do you currently have installed?


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